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During his illustrious career, J.R. has helped develop athletes of all ages, including 130 pitchers and 17 catchers who achieved their dream of playing in the Major Leagues. Here's what they have to say about his impact.

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I consider J.R. to be one of the finest pitching coaches you can find.


His love for the game and wanting to help young pitchers improve is as good as it gets. I handed down my pitching programs/philosophies to him just like Johnny Sain, my guru, did for me, the same principles that lead to the Atlanta Braves’ incredible run in the 1990s and 2000s and some of the greatest pitching in the history of the game.


I would trust J.R. with any pitcher, from age 9 to 39. From Little Leaguers and teens to minor and Major Leaguers, his goal is to help improve and develop talent and he has a track record of success.

Leo Mazzone, former MLB Pitching Coach

Atlanta Braves, 1990-2005; Baltimore Orioles, 2006-07

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